The Promise of Genetic Research in Migraine
Roundtable discussion recorded on July 12, 2021 

Migraine is a heterogeneous set of disorders, with most cases representing the polygenic influences of multiple susceptibility genes. Advances in linking genes to biological outcomes are helping us to better understand what migraine is, as well as how we can diagnose it and offer precision or personalized treatment planning. But what are the limits of these methodologies and what can we expect in the future? Join six of the top scientists and doctors in migraine genetics as they give their best tips on personalized medicine, from data analysis and diagnosis to demographics and drugs of the future.

William Renthal, MD - host  Richard Boles, MD
Lyn Griffiths, PhD      Thomas Folkmann Hansen, PhD
Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD Else Tolner, PhD 
Robert Shapiro, MD
Sleep Biology and Migraine
Webinar recorded on April 19, 2021 

Dr. Angeliki Vgontzas reviews select subjective and objective studies of sleep in those with migraine.  She argues that all patients with migraine should be screened for sleep disorders.  Rather than thinking of poor sleep as simply triggering headaches, she speculates on how the two chronic conditions share common core pathophysiologies. Questions from attendees were answered after the presentation.

Dr. Vgontzas is a researcher and instructor of neurology at Harvard University and a practicing clinician in Brigham and Women's Hospital’s neurology department.  She received her M.D. from Penn State’s College of Medicine, completed her Neurology residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and her headache fellowship at the John R. Graham Headache Center. She has researched migraine and pain since 2005 and now specializes in the genetics of migraine epidemiology. She received an NIH intramural research training award and studied migraine at the National Institute of Mental Health’s Genetic Epidemiology Research Branch. While there, she helped develop a research tool to assess sleep patterns and pathologies in patients with migraine, and her work is reflected in numerous peer-reviewed publications on sleep and migraine.
Dr. Shin Beh discusses NVNS in Acute Vestibular Migraine
Dr. Roberto Teggi discusses Phenotypes of Vestibular Migraine.
Dr. Marco Mandala discusses Diagnostic Test in VM: Functional Head Impulse Test.

Dr. Habib Rizk discusses Prognostic Factors in Vestibular Migraine.
Dr. Amir Kheradmand discusses Vestibular Migraine: Outline Towards Better Understanding of Vestibular Symptoms.
Dr. Michael Teixido discusses Migraine in the Labyrinth - From Bench to Clinic.
Amy Poremba, PhD. of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) discusses NIDCD Funding Information.

Click the photo below to access a series of 28 patient videos describing ear, nose and throat symptoms associated with migraine - recorded by neurologist Dr. Michael Teixido.

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