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I have been interested in understanding the innate immune response and in particular how it relates to infectious disease during both my doctoral and post-doctoral studies. I have a record of accomplishment in many areas of innate immunity, microbiology, and pulmonary infectious diseases. During my graduate studies in David Raulet’s laboratory at UC Berkeley I focused on the development and activation of Natural Killer (NK) cells, where I did some of the first studies on the NK cell activating receptor NKG2D. During my post-doctoral work in Ruslan Medzhitov’s laboratory at Yale University School of Medicine and later at the University of Vienna I expanded my interest in innate immunity and infectious disease by exploring research avenues related to coinfection.  During the course of these studies I became interested in the pulmonary innate immune response and host resilience to viral/bacterial coinfections. This continues to be a focus of my research program, with projects examining the lung microbiome’s influence on pulmonary tissue resilience, innate immune response to pulmonary infections, and cell death pathways influences on host resilience to pulmonary infection. The overarching focus of my research program is understanding at a systemic level how the immune system can respond to multiple inflammatory insults at the same time, and how these responses impact systemic physiology.