Our Ambassadors

Cindy Cohen: 

Communities: Psychiatric Comorbidities

Background: Cindy is a PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Program at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Her current research focuses on the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the development of migraine as well as testing a novel therapeutic. Cindy received her B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Cincinnati and was a Research Assistant in a pharmacology lab prior to her graduate school studies.  Having a passion for translational research and improving health outcomes, Cindy’s long-term goal is to work in preclinical drug discovery in the biopharmaceutical industry. Cindy’s other interests include science policy and communication. She is involved with her University’s science policy group, serving as Liaison to the National Science Policy Network.

Anna Kim: 

Communities: Trainees and Professional Development , Vascular and CSF 

Background: Anna is a sophomore, concentrating in Neuroscience, at Brown University in the Lee Lab, under Professor Jonghwan Lee. She’s currently doing her thesis on possible non-invasive triggers of migraine, characterization (via OCT imaging) of the cortical spreading depression that may be evoked from those triggers, and neurovascular responses to different wavelengths of light in FHM1 (familial migraine) vs wild-type (control) mice. Outside of research, she is a junior staff writer for the Science and Research section of the Brown Daily Herald, and pursues her love for teaching by volunteering as a teacher for Partnership for Adult Learning Rhode Island, as a mentor and a mentor trainer for Covid Education, as an instructor for the Brown Brain Bee, and as a mentor for Brown Women in Science and Engineering. To pursue her love for science and passion for making a positive impact on people, she hopes to become a doctor.

Mariah Siddiqui:

Communities: Metabolism, Stress and Injury 

Background: Mariah is a 3rd year medical student who’s suffered from migraines for the past 10 years (since age 16). She has published several clinical science articles, including a paper discussing the efficacy between Botox and Emgality for migraines, and is doing a podcast for medical students and have discussed migraines in that. She is passionate about research and would like to promote professionals and students from different fields to get interested in migraine. She is also involved in charities, fundraisers, and raising awareness, especially about migraine. 

Past ambassadors:

Cathy Poirer:

Communities: Journal Club leader 

Background: A parent and migraine sufferer living in Orlando, Cathy has a BS in Biology, a BS in Pharmacy, an MBA in Healthcare Management, and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has specialist training in acute and chronic pain.