About the Migraine Science Collaborative


Led by the Association of Migraine Disorders, the Migraine Science Collaborative is an international resource hub and communication platform designed to facilitate inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary networking for researchers and medical professionals.


Mission Statement

Accelerate research advances in migraine, cluster and headache diseases. 



  • Unite the migraine, cluster and headache scientific communities through a communication system
  • Support the careers of young investigators through educational resources and a mentorship program
  • Provide bidirectional exchange of guidance, ideas and questions within and between the researchers and medical care providers 
  • Encourage increased coordination of research between related or comorbid diseases
  • Create a collaborative environment to help stimulate unique research projects
  • Share funding opportunities, improve grantsmanship and prepare researchers for more successful research funding 
  • Attract non-migraine researchers to the migraine community
  • Promote translational research


WHAT IS PROVIDED: The MSC platform includes discussion forums, a resource library, an events page, and grant opportunities. A mentor program is in development. 

WHY BE A MEMBER: Migraine has a connection to research fields beyond neurology - including: cardiology, gastroenterology, neuroimaging, OB/GYN, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pharmacology, psychology, rheumatology, sleep medicine, and more. The study of migraine disease involves many different areas of interest including neurotransmission, mitochondria, vascular systems, genetics, neuroinflammation, the gastrointestinal system, hormonal influences, special sensory systems and other studies of neurobiology. It also overlaps pain research, including opioid use and head trauma. 

  • Gain access to articles, abstracts, mentoring and funding opportunities
  • Connect with others in the research community
  • Exchange of knowledge and ideas
  • Learn from experts


WHO SHOULD BE A MEMBER: Primarily students, residents, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, scientists and clinicians of all specialties and backgrounds. We also welcome pharmaceutical medical liaisons, medical writers and educators.

Your participation in MSC will build a broader and stronger collaboration between all of these currently independent fields and help us advance migraine research for better treatments and cure. 

We welcome scientists at all stages of their careers to become members.  Joining is easy and free of charge. Simply visit the MSC homepage and submit your request for membership. 


Please share your knowledge or come to learn on this new networking platform. Help fulfill its potential by inviting your colleagues and lab members.

Is there something you would like added to the Migraine Science Collaborative? Send your suggestions to info@migrainedisorders.org.

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